Solar Planning Guidance

Ground Mounted Solar PV projects, over 50kWp, should ideally utilise
previously developed land, brownfield land, contaminated land,
industrial land or agricultural land preferably of classification 3b, 4, and 5
(avoiding the use of “Best and Most Versatile” cropland where possible).
Land selected should aim to avoid affecting the visual aspect of
landscapes, maintain the natural beauty and should be predominantly
flat, well screened by hedges, tree lines, etc and not cause undue
impact to nearby domestic properties or roads.

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  1. Introduction / Foreword 3
  2. Commercial scale ground mounted solar PV 5
    Appendix A:
    Guidance on the information which should be provided within a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment 19
    Appendix B:
    Electricity Generating Capacity 22
    Appendix C:
    EIA Screening Procedures Overview 23
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