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  • North Dorset – “Sheer loveliness”
    Ukraine crisis illustrates why we cannot offshore food production by Simon Hoare MP for North Dorset – From the New Blackmore Vale Magazine – Friday 27th May 2022 This is heaven  As we all walk, cycle, ride and drive around stunning North Dorset and, indeed, the wider county, I fear we become less hit betweenContinue reading “North Dorset – “Sheer loveliness””
  • Unable to support!
    Dorset Council’s Senior Landscape Officer concludes that she is unable to support the North Dairy Farm Solar Planning Application. Despite the developer proposing significant additions and revisions to the 2020 plans, the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Council’s landscape professional experts have said they are unable to support the plans. Here is theContinue reading “Unable to support!”
  • ‘Ministerial Statements’
    Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, when asked today (BBC ‘Sunday Morning’) about the Government’s proposals to address the current fuel crisis, said: “Offshore wind can be rolled out quickly”. When it comes to reducing global warming, wind is the big winner. The Carbon Intensity of wind generation (atContinue reading “‘Ministerial Statements’”
  • Wind wins!
    ‘ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT’ It is nearly impossible to produce, transport, or consume energy without significant environmental impact. However, wind energy could have the least amount of contribution to climate change, compared to other electricity generators. ‘LOSS OF FARMLAND’ Solar power carries an upfront cost to the environment via production, but, like wind, offers clean energy throughoutContinue reading “Wind wins!”
  • Dorset CPRE – Glover Review
    Government response to and Consultation on the Glover Review of Landscapes – Overview and National Perspective Dorset CPRE welcomes the opportunity to input to the Government’s consultation on its response to the Glover Review of Landscapes. The Government consultation seeks views on how designated landscapes (National Parks and AONBs) can do even more to bringContinue reading “Dorset CPRE – Glover Review”
  • Right time? but wrong place!
    How is it possible for an experienced developer to choose an area of farmland that is so unsuitable for an industrial solar plant? Well, it seems their own site selection process and expert advisors may be partly to blame. An economically attractive view! The ‘Head of Energy’ for ‘British Solar Renewables’ explained the reasons forContinue reading “Right time? but wrong place!”
  • Hazelbury Parish
    HAZELBURY PARISH COUNCIL WILL ONLY BACK THE SOLAR DEVELOPMENT IF IT IS REDUCED BY HALF The Parish Council decided that they will only support the 190-acre industrial development at North Dairy Farm if it is reduced in size by half. The developers have previously said that any significant reduction would make the proposal completely uneconomic.Continue reading “Hazelbury Parish”
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