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You cannot effectively object to a development unless you research and review the planning application. You can’t object on general grounds (see: ‘Material Planning Matters’). You need to access the actual application for permission to develop the land, and review the applicant’s plans.

Dorset County Councils (the Local Planning Authorities – LPAs ) maintain a public register of planning applications. The register is physically stored at their planning office and is also available through their website.

Search the North Dorset Planning File

There is no national centralized database of planning applications. Notice of new planning applications are often published in the local newspaper as well.

The planning register must, at a minimum, include the application number, information about the developers, the planning application form, and all supporting drawings, plans, maps, elevations, tree surveys, Design and Access Statements, Officers Reports, and letters of representation from members of the public. 

Protecting and Enhancing – Resources:

Making a representation

We recommend making a copy of your representation text. You should receive an automated response once you have submitted your representation. If you do not receive this, could you please send your representation to and advise that you attempted to make your submission online. 

Planning file search:

Search the North Dorset Planning File


A ‘gold mine’ of planning information and guidance:

 The Government ‘Planning Portal’

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