North Dairy Farm Solar

Here is a summary of the North Dairy Farm proposals:

  • Static solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, ground mounted to a railing sub-structure. Laid out in rows with gaps of approximately 2-6m between each, arranged at an angle of c.22 degrees from east to west. The lower edge of the panels would be approximately 0.8m from the ground and up to approximately 2.6m at their higher edge;
  • Approximately 14 inverter stations distributed evenly across the solar park. The inverters are located within a metal cabinet finished in green/white and positioned on a hardcore or concrete slab base. The cabinets are approximately 3.4m high;
  • Approximately 14 transformers which are located next to the cabinets and are approximately 2.5m high;
  • Compacted internal crushed stone tracks (constructed on a sub layer of geogrid membrane) to allow vehicular access between fields;
  • Fencing 2.2m high and gates to enclose the panels within each field and allow sheep to graze securely. These comprise of wooden deer fence poles with
    galvanised fencing;
  • Security and monitoring CCTV mounted on fence posts within each field. The poles would be approximately 2.5-3m high spaced at 50m intervals along the fence;
  • Underground cabling to connect the panels to the proposed substation;
  • A security-fenced enclosed substation compound (for both the Developer and the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) including associated ancillary services
    which will connect to the existing overhead power line. The sub-station measures approximately 50x40m and may require a single pole communications antenna (10m high);
  • A substation access track with a cement based top layer (a statutory requirement of the DNO, SSE);
  • A potential future battery storage area comprising a slab base measuring 50x50m with batteries housed within shipping containers (12x3x3m).
  • There will be no lighting within the Site at night once
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