Managing flood risks

“A challenge for Dorset will be the significant effect on local flood risks as a result of increases in rainfall.  As Lead Local Flood Authority and Coastal Management Authority, Dorset Council will have a significant role to play in flood risk management, alleviation and mitigation work” (Food Risk Manager).  The red triangle shows the proposedContinue reading “Managing flood risks”

Who said the site is unsuitable?

‘There are none so blind as they that will not see!’   If a 43-acre industrial development is considered by Dorset Council to have a “HUGE” impact on the landscape, what word should they use to describe the harm caused to a ‘highly valued landscape’ and the setting of the Dorset Area of Outstanding BeautyContinue reading “Who said the site is unsuitable?”

Better than using greenfields!

France to require all large car parks to be covered by solar panels Legislation approved by Senate will apply to existing and new car parks with space for at least 80 vehicles Alex Lawson Energy correspondent Wed 9 Nov 2022 18.08 GMT All large car parks in France will be covered by solar panels under newContinue reading “Better than using greenfields!”

See-through solar tech

Electricity-generating windows? Scientists design more efficient transparent solar panels By Camille Bello  •  Updated: 12/11/2022 – 13:56 All that natural light flowing through your windows may one day do much more than brighten your mood. Scientists in Switzerland have reached a new efficiency record for transparent solar cells, paving the way for electricity-generating windows that could help power our homesContinue reading “See-through solar tech”

“UK is focusing on offshore wind”

The Prime Minister, in his COP 27 Statement to the House of Commons said: “The worst thing we can do is alienate communities” The local community has made very clear to the Dorset Council that North Dairy Farm’s proposed solar development would be in the wrong place.  The planners have received over 260 letters pointing outContinue reading ““UK is focusing on offshore wind””

Peculiar rain – and more runoff

In keeping with the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), Dorset Council’s Flood Risk Management Officer states: .”Regardless of prevailing risk, development, through the introduction of impermeable areas, has the potential to exacerbate or create flood risk“. North Dairy Farm is in a unique location – shaped by Dorset’s record rainfall – andContinue reading “Peculiar rain – and more runoff”

How planning decisions are made?

A very brief overview The outcome of a planning application can be decided by Planning Committee, or be delegated for a decision by planning officers. In both cases, the decision must be based only on relevant material considerations and be ‘plan based’. Issues that are considered relevant in planning decisions are listed below: Issues thatContinue reading “How planning decisions are made?”

Planning and Lobbying Councillors’

The Nolan Principles (embedded in the Localism Act) noted: ‘Lobbying councillors is a normal part of the planning process’ In a letter from the then Department for Communities and Local Government to Hilary Benn MP (2013) the Minister (Eric Pickles MP) set out the guidance to be followed by councillors. He said: ‘councillors must actContinue reading “Planning and Lobbying Councillors’”

Dorset CPRE Policy on Renewable Energy

Dorset CPRE is fully supportive of renewable energy development in Dorset but not at any price. Dorset CPRE Policy on Renewable Energy Report on renewable energy generation in Dorset Dorset Council Local Plan We submitted a report regarding Renewable Energy issues (see copy below under downloads).   Installations of National Significance Please see the link belowContinue reading “Dorset CPRE Policy on Renewable Energy”

Location, location location!

RIGHT TIME – WRONG PLACE! Where not to put industrial solar developments! Well! Not in “Good quality natural landscapes, which have a high ecological value” Who says so?  Dorset Council says so – in their Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy and in their planning policies. We believe that everyone involved in considering the proposed NorthContinue reading “Location, location location!”