Letter from a friend in the vale!

This letter is full of love for the Blackmore Vale – and passionate, reasoned opposition to building a landscape changing giant solar farm in the ‘Vale of the little dairies’. October 7th 2020 Dear Ms Telford Counter Argument to Applicant’s Responses to public representations re Application forRenewable energy scheme on Higher Stockbridge Farm, Longburton, Sherborne,Continue reading “Letter from a friend in the vale!”

This is Tess Country

The Blackmore Vale is described in the book of the ‘Hardy Way’ as ‘above all, this is Tess country’.  In Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Hardy describes the vale from the North Dorset Downs: ‘This fertile and sheltered tract of country, in which the fields are never brown and the springs never dry. Here in theContinue reading “This is Tess Country”

“Found in the old oak copses”

Thanks to Mark, here are a few lines from Thomas Hardy’s ‘Tess of the d’Urbervilles A Pure Woman’ faithfully presented. Millions have enjoyed the Blackmore Vale, whether lucky enough to live in or around it, or as readers and visitors from around the world, re-rambling the footpaths and bridleways as others have done before them.Continue reading ““Found in the old oak copses””