Be in the know!

Well informed council tax payers and voters with robust, wide open, uninhibited access to information is the best safeguard of any constituency. Freedom of information is very useful and necessary for all democracies. It is also your individual right.  Planning ensures that the right development happens in the right place at the right time, benefiting communities and the economy. It plays aContinue reading “Be in the know!”

Funding for the countryside

Ahead of next month’s spring budget, CPRE is joining forces with rural campaigners, councils and social housing providers to urge the chancellor to deliver fairer funding for the countryside. The CPRE’s new research report, jointly commissioned with the Rural Services Network, Britain’s Leading Edge and English Rural, shows how rural communities are being left behind whenContinue reading “Funding for the countryside”

Dorset National Park

The Dorset Council Plan Comments by the Dorset National Park Team Overview Dorset’s environment is our greatest asset, and a healthy natural environment is fundamental to everyone’s health, wealth and happiness. Our natural environment, our geology and ecology, are also of national and international importance. We have a responsibility to care for this precious resourceContinue reading “Dorset National Park”

“Living with Beauty”

The Government is “consulting” (Closing date 15 March) on important changes to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to incorporate ideas in the “Living with Beauty” report (see below) and on its ideas for design codes. These proposals follow on from the ‘Planning for the Future’ consultation which attracted criticism from around the country andContinue reading ““Living with Beauty””

Look after the hand that feeds you – and Hardy’s Vale!

MP for North Dorset, Simon Hoare writes: “We live in an area where the long-term future of farming is vital. Much of our landscape and views have been shaped and formed by man’s intervention on the land to produce our food and meld our environment, Much of today’s North Dorset could still be recognisable toContinue reading “Look after the hand that feeds you – and Hardy’s Vale!”

National Planning Policy Framework

From : Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government Published: 27 March 2012 Updated: 27 March 2012, see all updates Search this manual search Contents The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was first published on 27 March 2012 and updated on 24 July 2018 and 19 February 2019. This sets out the government’s planning policies for EnglandContinue reading “National Planning Policy Framework”

CPRE call for locally appropriate planning

2nd February 2021 Dorset needs a Local Plan that meets the needs of local people, communities and businesses. Dorset has to avoid a developer-led free-for-all and so needs a Plan in place by 2024, as the government requires. But that plan should be credible, reflect local need and be based on full consultation with communities,Continue reading “CPRE call for locally appropriate planning”

BP and Total – big wind!

Two giant oil companies won the largest share of options to build new offshore wind farms awarded by Britain on Monday, investments that are expected to eventually total in the tens of billions of dollars. Dev Sanyal, BP’s executive vice president for gas and low carbon energy, said in an interview that offshore wind wouldContinue reading “BP and Total – big wind!”

Dorset Fingerpost Project

Fingerposts are a common feature of the Dorset countryside and their design is thought to be unique. Along with other roadside features like traditional phone boxes and bridge plates, they contribute to local character.Of the approximately 1,285 fingerposts thought to exist in the 1950s, just 717 survive today. Some of the 717 originals have beenContinue reading “Dorset Fingerpost Project”

Repairing Britain’s natural environment

Time is running out for the government to turn its “aspirational words” on repairing Britain’s natural environment into action, MPs have warned. In a scathing report released on Wednesday the influential public accounts committee said ministers were running out of excuses for delays on issues like air quality, water, and wildlife loss. The MPs notedContinue reading “Repairing Britain’s natural environment”