Visit Dorset

Whether you are going for a walk, having a meal out or simply travelling through the county, the landscape in Dorset provides an OUTSTANDING backdrop! The variety of picturesque landscapes and great views you will see around every corner are just some of the reasons that over half of the county has been designated as Areas of OutstandingContinue reading “Visit Dorset”

2020 – Greenest on record!

While there wasn’t much to celebrate in 2020, there is some good news about last year as it took us a big step forwards in the journey to net zero, with highest recorded levels of wind generation and solar power. Last year (2020) was the greenest year on record for Britain’s electricity system, with average carbon intensityContinue reading “2020 – Greenest on record!”

Extravage about Hardy’s Vale

WALK THE OLD WAYS Rambling Journeys with John Bainbridge Far From the Madding Crowd “Machinery took away their jobs, though the field boundaries and the distant views remain much the same.” Wandering through the quiet fields yesterday with just the cries of curlews, I thought of the line from Gray’s Elegy, which gave Thomas Hardy the titleContinue reading “Extravage about Hardy’s Vale”

Green energy – homes on red tape alert!

UK GOVERNMENT SCRAPS GREEN HOMES GRANT AFTER SIX MONTHS The government has scrapped its flagship green homes grant scheme, the centrepiece of Boris Johnson’s promise to “build back greener” from the Covid-19 pandemic, just over six months after its launch. Energy generation is now low carbon Low carbon energy has helped the UK to almost eliminate the useContinue reading “Green energy – homes on red tape alert!”

The survival of life

Biodiversity is key to the survival of life on Earth. Bournemouth University studies have shown that of four future scenarios, ranging from high investment in nature recovery to high agricultural intensification, the highest economic returns are found by investing in nature. Its loss deprives future generations of irreplaceable genetic information and compromises sustainability. The recentContinue reading “The survival of life”

Green Industrial Revolution

COVID-19 made 2020 an incredibly difficult year, with tragic loss of life and the upheaval of livelihoods. It made even clearer we are inherently dependent on a thriving natural world. This connection undoubtedly means our COVID-19 recovery should be underpinned by dual environmental and economic objectives. This has been exemplified by efforts such as theContinue reading “Green Industrial Revolution”

Back yards in paradise

‘They paved paradise and put up a parking lot’ Roberta Joan “Joni” Mitchell 1970 A contributor wrote: “Unless there is compromise the warming of the planet will continue and Hardy’s Vale will not be protected and will change beyond recognition. Solar Energy is an important part of the energy mix and getting our carbon emissionsContinue reading “Back yards in paradise”

Low carbon budget

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced further support for the UK’s offshore wind industry in his 2021 budget announcement today (3 March 2020). The chancellor’s budget supports the government’s plan to generate enough electricity from offshore wind to power every home by 2030. The budget support for offshore wind removes the need to take huge amounts ofContinue reading “Low carbon budget”

Be in the know!

Well informed council tax payers and voters with robust, wide open, uninhibited access to information is the best safeguard of any constituency. Freedom of information is very useful and necessary for all democracies. It is also your individual right.  Planning ensures that the right development happens in the right place at the right time, benefiting communities and the economy. It plays aContinue reading “Be in the know!”