Short presentation to Hazelbury Bryan Parish Council

4th May 2021 An awful lot has happened since Councillors visited the proposed 190-acre site back in 2020. Energy generation is now much lower carbon which has helped the UK to almost eliminate the use of coal in 2020. And the carbon cost of energy has been significantly reduced. Down from 535 gCO2/kWh in 2008Continue reading “Short presentation to Hazelbury Bryan Parish Council”

Hazelbury Bryan Parish Vote

HAZLEBURY BRYAN PARISH COUNCIL TO VOTE NEXT TUESDAY AT THE PARISH AGM Though The proposed 190-acre solar development is only 750 metres outside the Hazelbury Parish, it will significantly affect, and be seen very clearly by the community (as the developer’s image above shows- and that’s just 4 of the 11 fields! Solar energy hasContinue reading “Hazelbury Bryan Parish Vote”

Update on Renewable Energy- CPRE

Print From Campaign to Protect Rural England We would like to see greater use made of  commercial roofs and brownfield land unsuitable for housing for solar electricity. This would increase solar generation whilst protecting the countryside. However, the Government needs to do much more to help realise this huge potential. In October 2016, CPRE published aContinue reading “Update on Renewable Energy- CPRE”

The application has arrived

BUT YOU ONLY HAVE 21 DAYS TO MAKE YOUR PLANNING VIEWS KNOWN TO DORSET COUNCIL ABOUT THE PROPOSED SOLAR DEVELOPMENT The developers (North Dairy Farm Solar Park Limited c/o BSR Energy Limited) have now applied for full planning permission to use 190 acres of productive farmland as a solar power station at North Dairy Farm,Continue reading “The application has arrived”

Proposed Solar site is biodiverse

The developers would have you believe that the land they propose to industrialise is poor and that they can improve its biodiversity by covering 151 acres with glass and steel. But, here is their list of invertebrates, birds and mammals observed (“a snapshot”) at the site. There will certainly be more! Invertebrates Common name AugustContinue reading “Proposed Solar site is biodiverse”

Battery safety concerns

Catching the thermal runaway: Testing safety of energy storage systems By Rod Walton -6.29.2020 As energy storage projects grow around the world, driven by an increase in renewable energy generation and the integration of such into grid operations a troubling phenomenon needs to be addressed. Fires – many of them linked to lithium-ion batteries – are occurringContinue reading “Battery safety concerns”

Visit Dorset

Whether you are going for a walk, having a meal out or simply travelling through the county, the landscape in Dorset provides an OUTSTANDING backdrop! The variety of picturesque landscapes and great views you will see around every corner are just some of the reasons that over half of the county has been designated as Areas of OutstandingContinue reading “Visit Dorset”