Setting Dorset’s Renewable Energy Targets

A Note on Installations of National Significance & the Setting of Local Renewable Energy Targets By David Peacock BSc(Eng) ARSM DIC MAIME PhD 21 June 2021 1. In its Final Draft for Endorsement of the Bournemouth, Dorset & Poole Renewable Energy Strategy to 2020, published March 2012, the Dorset Energy Partnership (DEP) announced its expectationContinue reading “Setting Dorset’s Renewable Energy Targets”

Senior Landscape Architect’s opinion

Here is the full consultation response sent from Dorset Council’s Senior Landscape Architect to the Case Officer. The Officer notes: “The site is located in a landscape that is highly sensitive to large scale solar PV development, and although the proposals include mitigation measures, I do not consider that these measures would satisfactorily offset theContinue reading “Senior Landscape Architect’s opinion”

SHV Letters of Representation

The Save Hardy’s Vale community group has written letters of representation to Dorset Council opposing the solar development on material planning grounds. Here are the documents: 1.     SHV LOR with Annex 1. Landscape Statement Report Summary 2.     SHV Landscape Statement A prepared by Phillip Hanson CMLI of The Landscape Practice 3.     SHV Landscape StatementContinue reading “SHV Letters of Representation”

‘Reasonable and Informed’

“In the case of the magnificent panoramic views from the Wessex Ridgeway, the impact on visual receptors will actually be magnified by distance” “The site lies within an intimate valley landscape and an attractive rural area. It has high conservation interest, high recreational value, and high cultural and artistic associations.” Over 40 farming families haveContinue reading “‘Reasonable and Informed’”

A Lady of the Vale

Writes her objections clearly, in plain English to Dorset Council The wrong time? – and definitely in the wrong place! Increasing the amount of energy from renewable and low carbon technologies is helping to make sure the UK has a secure energy supply and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to slow down climate change. Planning has anContinue reading “A Lady of the Vale”

A lesson in writing to the planners

Ramblers who don’t ramble on! For anyone unsure about how to construct an effective letter objecting to a planning application, Jan Wardell, Footpath Secretary; Ramblers – North Dorset Group and Dr Janet Davis, Countryside Secretary, have presented us all with a mini masterclass! Cogent, to the point, based on pertinent material planning matters and referencedContinue reading “A lesson in writing to the planners”

Planning policy short list!

To be sure your letter of objection is effective: “Planning applications must be considered and decided on the local and national planning law, as it is now – not how you might wish it should be. Remember, a strong opinion does not make it a fact! It is the soundness of the points, particularly regardingContinue reading “Planning policy short list!”

CO2 savings overstated!

Here is an extract from a well informed letter of representation sent to Dorset Council. It casts serious doubt on the developer’s general claims about how much CO2 would be saved by the proposed North Dairy Farm solar plant. The writer states: CO2 Claims not verified and overstated: “In my view the CO2 figures andContinue reading “CO2 savings overstated!”

MP says no to solar plant

Parliamentary opposition to solar power plant in Dorset The application for an almost identical solar development (187 acres) at Higher Stockbridge Farm, just a few miles west from the proposed North Dairy Farm solar power plant, has been publicly opposed by the West Dorset Member of Parliament. Here Chris Loder MP’s letter to the ChairContinue reading “MP says no to solar plant”