Climate Emergency

“The productive capacity of our Natural Assets underpins the whole economy. And how we manage the demands on our Natural Capital is key to ensuring the quality and diversity of our ecology. Biodiversity – the diversity within species, between species and of ecosystems – is declining globally. The world’s 7.6 billion people represent just 0.01%Continue reading “Climate Emergency”

Upscaling of offshore wind

“Ramping up offshore wind is essential to accelerating the global energy transition, which many energy experts agree hinges on widescale electrification. Built at sea, offshore windfarms can provide stable green power at utility scale without taking up precious land area.” Just off England’s Yorkshire coast, 174 wind turbines cut through the air, capturing energy andContinue reading “Upscaling of offshore wind”

Butterfly Conservation Dorset

Butterfly Conservation is very much about moths as well as butterflies, and moths can generate some mind-boggling statistics. The national moth recording scheme is currently being updated with thee years of data covering 2017 to 2019, and though only 21 out of 71 macro moth datasets have been added so far, they total 1,258,861 mothsContinue reading “Butterfly Conservation Dorset”

Hazelbury Bryan Neighbourhood Plan and the solar power plant.

The Developers image (8), at ground level, indicating the view of the panels on part of the site in just four of the eleven fields – looking West from Hazelbury Bryan The Prime Minister has confirmed “offshore wind will produce more than enough electricity to power every home in the country by 2030” The localContinue reading “Hazelbury Bryan Neighbourhood Plan and the solar power plant.”

Good news for Hardy’s Vale!

Offshore wind will produce more than enough electricity to power every home in the country by 2030, based on current electricity usage, boosting the government’s previous 30GW target to 40GW. The Prime Minister has set out new plans to Build Back Greener by making the UK the world leader in clean wind energy – creatingContinue reading “Good news for Hardy’s Vale!”

Walking Hardy’s Vale

The vale’s towns, in particular Shaftesbury and Sturminster Newton, draw visitors for their history and beauty, but perhaps the best way to appreciate the Blackmore Vale is to get out and walk its pristine countryside and hike the surrounding hills for a bird’s-eye view. For generations the scenery has inspired artists, such as John Constable;Continue reading “Walking Hardy’s Vale”