Brownfield first – Government Consultation

The planning system isn’t working for the countryside or the communities within it. While waiting lists for social housing in rural areas are on the rise, developers continue to plough huge, unaffordable estates into our precious green spaces. It’s no good for people, and it’s no good for the countryside. 

But now we have a big chance to deliver one of the solutions to this crisis. Where suitable, brownfield land – that’s previously developed land – could provide an enormous number of the truly affordable homes that are so desperately needed, while allowing the countryside and nature to thrive [1]. It’s a win-win solution for our countryside and communities

Now, with the government consulting on its major planning rulebook, we have a chance to persuade ministers to finally deliver a truly brownfield first approach to new developments, one that prioritises genuinely affordable homes over executive suites. We’ve created an easy way for you to send a response to the consultation. Have you got a few minutes to send an email asking the government to put brownfield first?  Email the consultation

We know that the more people that respond, the more the government has to listen to our concerns. We want ministers to know just how many of us care about this – and that we know it doesn’t have to be this way.  Ministers are already showing signs of leaning towards a more brownfield-first approach to new housing, but we know they can go further, and we want to make sure this housing is affordable too. If you have a few moments, could you help us shape the planning system for the countryside and its communities? 

Yes, I’ll send an email

With so much happening in the world of planning right now, we’ll be sure to be in touch soon. 

Until then, thanks for all you do, Mark, Kate, Chris and the team at the CPRE

 Brownfield land for 1.2 million homes lying dormant, our report shows –

An introduction to brownfield: the land that’s ripe for recycling – CPRE

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