We need a land use strategy


Our new research on food security finds that almost 14,500 hectares of England’s best agricultural land have been lost to development since 2010 – that’s enough land to grow 250,000 tonnes of vegetables a year! We’re calling on the government to introduce a land use strategy that protects prime farmland and safeguards our food security – read on to find out more and watch our video. This year, National Hedgerow Week takes place 17-25 September. The theme is raising awareness of the benefits of hedgerows, and hopefully like us, you’ll be able to name a few! Not only do hedgerows provide vital habitats for an array of wildlife, but they improve soil quality and capture carbon from the atmosphere. But nearly 50% of our hedgerows have been lost since the end of the Second World War. That’s why we’re calling on the government to increase the hedgerow network by 40% by 2050. Read on to find out how you can continue to support our campaign ahead of National Hedgerow Week.As we approach the end of summer, we hope you can find time to explore and enjoy the countryside – whether near to you or further afield. You might notice different shades of heather, as well as blackberries and brambles – read on for what to look out for on a walk in August!
Building on our food security 

Our new report, ‘Building on our food security reveals that there has been a hundred-fold increase in our best agricultural land lost to development. A staggering 60% of this prime farmland is also within areas at the highest risk of flooding. We’re demanding that the government safeguards England’s future food security with an effective land use strategy and new planning rules. Find out more Help us reach 40,000 signatures for National Hedgerow Week 

To mark National Hedgerow Week which takes place 17-25 September, we’ll be handing in our #40by50 hedgerow petition, which we know many of you have signed already – thank you. But it’s not too late if you haven’t yet! You can help us reach 40,000 signatures in time for the hand-in by signing and sharing the petition with your family and friends. A new deadline set for the Cumbrian coal mine 

The government recently announced that it will make a final decision on the Cumbrian coal mine by 17 August. With the new deadline looming, this is a critical window of time for our countryside, communities and climate. We’ll be standing by to take imminent action as soon as a decision has been made and will update you as soon as we can. A countryside walk in August 

This month, why not go for a walk or two and take in the gentle rhythm of August? Now is an ideal time to enjoy walking through long grasses and tufty heather. You could also take part in some bramble or blackberry foraging as a way of embracing nature before the autumn arrives!

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Best wishes, Cat
Cat Rowland Digital Engagement Officer
CPRE is funded by donations from people like you. Together, we can help our beautiful countryside thrive, for everyone’s benefit – now and for generations to come. Donate now
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