‘Ministerial Statements’

Kwasi Kwarteng MP

Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, when asked today (BBC ‘Sunday Morning’) about the Government’s proposals to address the current fuel crisis, said: “Offshore wind can be rolled out quickly”.

When it comes to reducing global warming, wind is the big winner. The Carbon Intensity of wind generation (at 21 CO2-eq kg/MW·he) is over five times lower than PV solar panels (at 106 CO2-eq kg/MW·he). And, as noted previously, wind has a Carbon footprint some eleven times lower than PV solar panels.

The Government was committed to producing enough energy to supply every home in the country from offshore wind by 2030. Last weeks Ministerial Statement effectively brings that date forward two years by increasing the offshore output from 40 to 50 GW. – at much lower carbon cost than solar – and with the capacity and load factor to enable storage and Hydrogen production.

While solar benefits the few – offshore wind benefits the many!

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