The Nelson Touch


We all have read news reports which compare surface area or volume, to tennis courts, football pitches or Olympic swimming pools. Maybe reporters assume we would not recognise a square metre if we were given one, but that somehow, we are all very familiar with Wimbledon, Wembley or Adam Peaty!

So, with tongue in cheek, and to help the Spetisbury Parishioner, who, according to the Daily Mail, recently considered it quite possible to hide 190-acre solar power station behind a hedge, in a “dip in the landscape” – we offer this nautical comparison:

A 190-acre solar power development site, with hundreds of security camera posts, a small town’s worth of inverter and transformer cabins, and an electricity substation, all surrounded by an impenetrable security fence, would cover an area of productive farmland equivalent to 47 and a half Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft carrier flight decks!

The two flight decks, in the image, represent just 8 of the solar 190 acres. If you really do know of an effective way to hide one of the Royal Navy’s carrier strike group ships behind a hedge, or in a “dip”, then the Admiralty camouflage department would love to hear from you!

As Horatio said “I have only one eye. I have a right to be blind sometimes”

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