SHV Letters of Representation

The Save Hardy’s Vale community group has written letters of representation to Dorset Council opposing the solar development on material planning grounds.

Here are the documents:

1.     SHV LOR with Annex 1. Landscape Statement Report Summary

2.     SHV Landscape Statement A prepared by Phillip Hanson CMLI of The Landscape Practice

3.     SHV Landscape Statement B  by Phillip Hanson CMLI of The Landscape Practice.

4.     Heritage Submission – Wyvern Heritage – Emma Rouse MCIfA MA BA Hons

5.     Flooding and Run-off SHV Memorandum

6.    Ecology and Biodiversity  SHV Memorandum

7.     CPRE Report Renewable Energy Projections – David Peacock

8.     Cook and McCuen Hydrologic-Response-of-Solar-Farms

9.     BSR Rebuttals & flooding and drainage SHV Memorandum 14th November.

10.   SHV Comments about flooding  – January 2022 – Case Officer Rob McDonald

11.   Hydro-GIS Ltd Hydrological Review February 2022

12.   SHV Summary Response to Hydro-GIS Review

13.   SHV Representation – Chapter 6 of the Environmental Assessment Revisions

14.   SHV Comments about the Flood Risk Assessment March 2022

15. SHV Comments about the Application updates (September 2022)

16. SHV Additional comments about flood risk – October 2022

17. SHV Additional comments about the ‘settings’ of protected areas December 2022

A view westwards from ‘The Orchard’ at the Hazelbury Bryan Conservation Area boundary, and towards the AONB. The proposed solar plant would be clearly visible across the middle ground of the photograph. We do not believe that this highly valued landscape illustrated is “degraded” by “energy infrastructure” as suggested in the revised EA Chapter 6.

© 2022

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