Hazelbury Bryan Parish Vote


Though The proposed 190-acre solar development is only 750 metres outside the Hazelbury Parish, it will significantly affect, and be seen very clearly by the community (as the developer’s image above shows- and that’s just 4 of the 11 fields!

Solar energy has a higher carbon cost than wind generation, and the Government announced, in October, that all homes in England will be supplied by offshore wind by 2030.

So why would anyone waste 190 acres of productive farmland in the highly valued Blackmore Vale, or destroy the rural landscape that supports our local economy?

Nearly 80% of the community who were asked by the developer are opposed to the proposal.

The Hazelbury Bryan Neighbourhood Plan, which the residents voted for in 2019, clearly indicates it should not be approved.

The HB Neighbourhood Plan Policy HB1. – Reinforcing Local Landscape Character states: “Development should respect and, where practicable, enhance local landscape character”.

If approved, the development would, according to a planning inspector in a nearby North Dorset case: “From Public Rights of Way the proposed site would appear as conspicuous and incongruous additions to the rural, agricultural landscape, which would considerably detract from the appearance of the countryside.” It would seriously intrude into the very attractive unspoilt scene along the tree-lined, tightly meandering, Wonston Brook and River Lydden. Read on:

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