CPRE call for locally appropriate planning

Hardy’s Vale

2nd February 2021

Dorset needs a Local Plan that meets the needs of local people, communities and businesses.

Dorset has to avoid a developer-led free-for-all and so needs a Plan in place by 2024, as the government requires. But that plan should be credible, reflect local need and be based on full consultation with communities, businesses and local people. The plan should offer local homes for local people, including truly affordable homes. And it should respect and protect Dorset’s environment, our greatest economic asset. The future health of everyone as well as our economy depends on this. Please see link below to download the full article on Dorset CPRE’s alternative approach.

Dorset CPRE wants to work constructively to help the Dorset Council develop a sound plan which meets the needs of our communities and helps them to thrive sustainably. We need a Local Plan that is based on full consultation with the people of Dorset on the issues and options that will shape our future. This includes the key issue of housing need and numbers. Central housing targets put at risk our communities and environment. We should all want a Local Plan to reflect genuine local housing needs and for the Dorset Council to be ready to justify a Dorset based approach to the planning inspectorate at public examination. Other councils have successfully made the case for locally appropriate housing numbers below central targets. Dorset needs a Local Plan that is achievable, deliverable and reflects and responds to local need. It is in the interests of the Dorset Council as well as all Dorset’s communities, businesses and residents that a locally relevant and achievable Local Plan is developed.

We encourage you to send the link (https://dorset-cpre.org.uk/news/current-news/item/download/825) or the text in the full article below to your Dorset Councillor and local Parish/Town Councillors, to share it on social media, and to include the link or text in your response to the Dorset Council consultation, saying you agree with Dorset CPRE’s approach. Thank you.


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