Ramping up offshore

Climate change – temperature increases – increase in flash flooding – increased runoff and flooding – from “wet” land. “

Ramping up offshore wind is essential to accelerating the global energy transition, which many energy experts agree on hinges on widescale electrification. Built at sea, offshore wind farms can provide stable green power at utility-scale without taking up precious land area.”

We all recognise the urgent need to switch to renewable energy and move away from fossil fuels. But, like many who care about the Dorset countryside and its cultural heritage, we also believe that photovoltaic panels should be on roofs, and brownfield sites, saving on transmission costs by being near main roads and close to where the generated energy is needed. We should not be covering productive farm fields and harming highly valued Conservation Areas and protected landscapes, especially in the astonishingly beautiful countryside of North Dorset.

The Prime Minister announced (6th October) that, in future, off-shore wind turbines will provide for the green energy needs of all homes in the country. How foolish it would be to trash 188 acres of food productive farmland when the Government has announced this policy change. The solar power station proposal comes at the wrong time – and certainly would be in the wrong place!

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